Why Clean Beauty Matters

Why Clean Beauty Matters

We’re all about healthy eating (well most of the time, anyway) and reducing our chemical exposure at home, but what about our beauty products? You may have seen the buzzwords "clean beauty" on the internet lately - but what does it actually mean and is it important?

Clean Beauty, Explained

The skin is the largest organ in our body. The products you put on your skin, goes directly in your skin, and can make their way into your bloodstream. On average, a woman applies more than 200 harmful chemicals to her skin daily, and over 60% of these chemicals are further absorbed into the bloodstream - a pretty scary statistic! Toxic chemicals found in everyday mainstream beauty products have been linked to harmful health effects from hormone disruption, to cancer, to plain-old skin irritation. It’s important that we educate ourselves (and each other) in making conscious decisions on the exact ingredients we are applying to our skin.

But it's not too late! Studies have shown that after just three days of using products free of potentially hormone-disrupting chemical ingredients, participants had measurably lower levels of these toxins in their bodies. So it makes sense not to put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t want inside your precious body, right?

Don’t get us wrong, we are not extremists. We believe that taking some positive (albeit baby) steps is better than taking none. So we are going to share why we believe clean beauty matters and why you should make steps towards “clean-ifying” your cosmetic and beauty products.

MERME’s Approach to Clean Beauty

Clean, for us, is extremely important. We believe that when we provide an optimum environment for our skin cells to function at their best, our skin will directly reflect this. We believe in feeding our skin—inside and out—with the highest quality, natural ingredients. Our ingredients are so powerful they can stand alone, untouched in their natural state, and without any additives or preservatives.

MERME promise is that our products are free from:

· Animal testing

· Pesticides

· Mineral oils

· Sodium sulphate

· Petrochemicals

· Glycols

· Silicones

· Artificial colours and fragrances

· Palm oil

· Synthetics

Do we love luxurious, incredible-smelling, super-effective beauty products? Of course! And that’s what our products deliver. The real goal? That more people are able to benefit from Mother Nature's own plants, antioxidants and nutrients, which will protect and repair our bodies inside and out. MERME ingredients have been purposely extracted from the highest quality organic plant and nut materials to target your specific complexion concerns and achieve your most radiant, glowing skin.

But, Where To Start?

We know it's not the most ideal situation to just throw all of your products away, so just start small! Beware of any hidden fillers or chemicals in your current beauty and skincare regime - Its critical to read the labels, do your research, and know your skincare inside and out. It's best to just keep it pure, simple and leave the unnecessary nasties behind. Do your best to start opting in clean products once you have run out of your current regime.

The most important clean-beauty swaps are products that are used daily or are leave-in (so they stay on our skin and are used on larger skin areas). Switch out your toner with our Facial Antioxidant Mist, your serum with our Facial Hydration Serum or your moisturiser with one of our Facial Beauty Elixir, and then fill in the gaps as you go.

Can’t imagine saying goodbye to an old standby? That’s okay, too. If you are struggling with giving up a favourite eye cream, try to replace everything else. It’s all about baby steps.​

By using MERME products, you’re assured that you are putting the highest quality, natural ingredients into your body. You’re nourishing your skin cells and your system with organic, healing, nutrient-rich ingredients. Start your journey into a toxic free life!

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