Where are MERME products sourced and bottled?

MERME ingredients are sourced for their highest quality from around the globe and bottled in Berlin, Germany to ensure their pureness and quality is kept intact.


Are MERME products vegan?

Yes! MERME products are free of any animal components and/or by-products and are in fact classified Vegan. We believe great skin care should use only plant-derived ingredients alone.


Are your products tested on animals?

MERME products are never tested on animals and are cruelty free.



How long will my MERME product last?

Each product has an expiration date at the bottom of the bottle.This ensures that a product will uphold its integrity, quality, performance and be safe for consumer use within a given period of time. MERME products last approximately 8-12 months. 

How should I store my MERME products?

To ensure best quality of use, it is important to ensure your MERME products are stored correctly – Keep sealed when not in use and keep out of direct heat and sunlight. Our brown bottles keep the oils as fresh as possible, light can decompose the best properties of oil.

Why do I sometimes find residues in my MERME elixir bottle?

Some oils often have tiny residues at the bottom of the bottle or may appear 'milky'. You do not have to worry about that, it just assures you that our product is unrefined and unprocessed.


Why does MERME oil smell strange?  

MERME products do not use any fillers, perfumes or synthetics which are harmful to your skin. Our products are 100% untouched and unrefined, without any additives, so they remain in their natural state with natural odour. As such, many of our products have a strong 'earthy' or 'nutty' odour. This is completely normal and the smell does not stay on the skin after the oil has absorbed.


My oil has solidified, what do I do?

During the colder months, some of MERME's products may solidify or become cloudy such as our Revitalising Hair Treatment and Facial Healing Elixir. This is perfectly normal and in fact a sign of the purity of the oils because they have been cold-pressed and not heat extracted.  Read our blog of what to do HERE.


Should I refrigerate the MERME Products?

There is no need in a normal climate to refrigerate MERME products. If it is extremely hot and humid you may wish to do so. We do recommend you place the MERME Advanced Eye Therapy in the refrigerator as this will provide an extra cooling, soothing effect for sore, tired, puffy eyes.


I am unsure of my skin type, how can I find out what I am and what products I should use?

CLICK HERE to take our quiz and review the characteristics of each skin type. If you are unsure please contact Customer Service via email at:

I have acne, which products should I use?

Generally though if your skin is typical Oily/Combination then we would recommend the following:

Facial Beauty Elixir

Facial Balancing Elixir

Deep Clean Facial Mask

Facial Hydration Serum

Facial Antioxidant Mist

Facial Calming Mist

Balancing Skin Booster

Congested Skin Booster

Clear Skin Booster


Please note: For more serious cases of acne we would recommend you consult with a Doctor or Dermatologist.


Can I use the Facial Hydrating Serum & Facial Elixirs together? 

Absolutely! We recommend layering your products from thinnest to thickest. It's so important to layer your thinnest, water-based products first and follow with your richer oils and creams.  Think of your oil as your skin's top coat that will lock in moisture and protect your skin from harsh environment pollutants. CLICK HERE for the ultimate skin routine.



Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, MERME strives to source products and packaging to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable. It adheres to all COSMOS/Ecocert strict certification requirements surrounding organic products. All of our formulas and secondary outer packaging are deemed fully biodegradable and/or recyclable.


Does MERME packaging contain Bisphenol and BPA?

MERME packaging does not contain Bisphenol and BPA compounds. MERME utilises plastics that are either PP, PE or PET materials, which are food-grade and highly recyclable.



Where is MERME stocked?

Our full collection is available online. You can also try and buy our products in stores across EU. Check out our stockists page HERE.



How do I return products that I don't want?

If you have not used the product, you can contact our customer service team on to discuss return of the product.


I had a bad reaction to a product. Can I return it and get a refund?
If you suffer from an allergy, please contact customer service immediately and stop using the product that causes your skin to react.