Behind the Brand

Claire Ralston, Founder

Originally from Australia, Claire‘s passion for natural skin care started whilst working as a model since the age of fifteen and studying at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. It was here where she took particular interest in the effectiveness of non-clinical and natural beauty methods. 


This, combined with a further ten years in the magazine and beauty industry resulted in one conclusion: Even the so called “natural” skin and hair care products were full of chemicals. Claire realised the only way she would ever have complete control of the ingredients was if she sourced them herself.

Since 2014 Berlin is the new home city of Claire. Here the attitude towards the importance of quality, practicality and simplicity really confirmed her thoughts.

"This German mindset has taught me it's better to only have one really high quality product rather than five with less quality. The ideology behind MERME products containing only one, highest quality ingredient was definitely inspired by this amazing culture. Not to mention, having such sensitive skin I’ve learned it’s best to incorporate only one ingredient at a time to really pinpoint what works best for you."

Her ideology behind MERME products was inspired by her late grandmother, who always used homemade, natural, high quality oils to cure any skin alignment.

Who is MERME?

“Merme was my grandmother who lived on a cattle farm in northern New South Wales, Australia. Growing up, she believed in the power of nature and living off the land, and had every type of oil for every ailment. She was an extraordinary woman, who was the original power woman to me! Before #girlboss was a hashtag on Instagram. She inspired me to start my own business in a mutual passion of ours – simplified self care.”

"Mermes bathroom cabinet in the 50s: She always relied on natural oils for all her products."

When I mention that the name MERME comes from my grandmother, it always brings a smile to my face. I think that's also because so many of us have received health and care tips from our mothers and grandmothers. There is so much knowledge about traditional ingredients that we are now ignoring because of new technologies. Although some technologies are great and I personally benefit from them, let's not forget that our grandmothers, no matter where in the world, used natural and local remedies for the same beauty issues as today, and they worked just as well!  


I hope MERME can help bring more attention to these pure, simple and natural ingredients.