One-Ingredient Philosophy

The Power of Purity

MERME is pure, potent and powerful skin and hair care.


MERME’s One-Ingredient Philosophy means our products are stripped down to their 100% potency. We use as few ingredients as possible, without any hidden fillers, synthetics or chemicals. Our philosophy serves everyone from the Green Beauty Beginner to the All-time Beauty Junkie, who's tried everything and wants to come back to the basics.

Everything we put onto our skin and hair is absorbed into the body and will eventually go into our bloodstream. Mainstream skin and hair products care can include up to 200 chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. MERME products remove these countless chemicals in your daily ritual with a tiny change, but big impact. 


Our ingredients are so powerful they can stand alone, untouched, and without any added fragrances or parabens. We do not believe in combining excessive ingredients as it will only dilute the most powerful ingredient and overwhelm the skin.   


MERME ingredients have been sourced from around the globe and bottled in Berlin, Germany. Each active ingredient is chosen to optimally target your specific complexion concerns and achieve your most radiant, healthy skin. Backed by science and ancient natural beauty wisdom, our ingredients are valued for their ability to heal, moisturise and protect all skin types of any age.

Why Oils?

Nature's Secret Weapon

Our skin and hair naturally produce oil to help lubricate, heal, protect, and moisturise. However, as we age or become dehydrated, our bodies produce oil at a slower rate. Without these occurring naturally in the body, we need to replace the missing oil with a natural, potent dose of pure oil nutrients that will not only help with important attributes like elasticity, but a healthy glow and soft, supple skin and hair.

Applying oils will also assist our bodies to cease producing negative oils which result in breakouts and acne. When chemically based and oil stripping creams and lotions are applied to our skin and hair, they harshly strip the good, natural oils and force our bodies to overcompensate.


MERME Elixirs are a line of all-natural plant oils, formulated with the daily need of skin and hair in mind. The power and potency of MERME products communicate with the skin to amplify its own powers of regeneration, repair, balance, and renewal. Whilst being quickly absorbable, and never greasy.

Our promise to be free from:

Animal testing


Mineral oils

Sodium sulphate




Artificial colours and fragrances

Palm oil