3 x面部清潔布 - 100%棉線柔線條布




由4層編織的100%天然棉製成的高質量,豪華的布料。這款柔軟,透氣的平紋細布輕輕地去角質,深層清潔並恢復您的皮膚。它不僅對皮膚友好,而且是環保的 - 可持續和道德上的製造,沒有使用的農藥和0%的聚酯。

這種組合與面部清潔油完美搭配,有助於清潔,清潔和去除所有化妝品,防曬霜和皮膚中的雜質。 由於布的編織質地,它還將執行非常溫和的剝落,以幫助增強膠原蛋白的產生,增加血液流動並減輕炎症。通過將氧氣和養分泵入皮膚細胞,它將使您的膚色看起來豐滿和發光的後面按摩。

設計用於在護膚程序的第一步中使用,以提供乾淨的基礎和 給您的皮膚灌注活性成分以穿透毛孔。

適用於所有皮膚類型,甚至最敏感。 這套布是剝落死皮皮膚的理想解決方案,而無需任何強烈的擦洗或潛在的刺激性產品 - 只有面部清潔油就可以起作用。

測量:30 x 30厘米




Deeply cleanses: Paired with the Facial Cleansing Oil, the tightly woven fabric of the muslin cloth removes dirt, impurities, sunscreen, make up and excess oil. Your skin will feel clean and fresh after using this pairing. It is super gentle for even the more sensitive and easily irritated skins (unlike rough normal towels or harsh cleansing brushes).

Gently exfoliates: Due to the soft nature of this multi-layer muslin cloth, it provides a gentle exfoliation for your face, neck & declottege. Depending on the pressure and speed you apply, the cloth can also deeply exfoliate. Due to its gentle nature, this cloth is the perfect solution to exfoliate sensitive skin types, without harsh chemicals or irritants.

Increases collagen production: The exfoliation from the muslin cloth buffs away dry skin and dramatically refines skin texture. It is very effective in breaking down skin cells and also increasing collagen production because of the removal of dead particles.

Reduces inflammation: By stimulating the lymphatic system with this exfoliation, blood increases in that area and eliminates waste, which can reduce inflammation.


100% sustainable, ethical and naturally made cotton from Turkey, containing no pesticides and 0% polyester. Cotton is fully hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin.

Muslin cloths vs. Washcloths

Even the softest washcloth is still not as soft and gentle as a muslin cloth. A soft microfiber towel may not lend the exfoliation you're craving; a terry cloth is way too abrasive. Muslin cloths live in that happy medium, offering just the right amount of exfoliation while keeping sensitive skin soft and smooth. 

Whether you use them to exfoliate, deeply cleanse, or swipe on a toner, muslin cloths absorb products and glide across the skin with ease—a type of washcloth that's fit for the delicate skin of the face.

3 x面部清潔布 -  100%棉線柔線條布
3 x面部清潔布 -  100%棉線柔線條布
3 x面部清潔布 -  100%棉線柔線條布
3 x面部清潔布 -  100%棉線柔線條布
3 x面部清潔布 -  100%棉線柔線條布
3 x面部清潔布 -  100%棉線柔線條布





How to use for best results:

Apply the Facial Oil Cleanser as your first step to your skincare routine. Massage the oil cleanser into your skin for 30 seconds to dislodge all make up, sunscreen and any dirt or grime. Then slightly dampen the muslin cloth and massage your skin with circular motions working the cheeks, forehead, nose, and avoid the eyes. Wipe until your face is fully clean.

Adding to your Routine:

AM or PM

You can use the muslin cloth daily whenever you are cleansing your face. We offer in a 3 pack so you can cycle with your washing schedule.

Claire’s Tip:

Our muslin cloth is multi-purposeful. 

To apply your toner: Similar to cotton pads, muslin cloths are great for depositing toner on the skin (plus, they're reusable). 

To exfoliate your lips: If you have particularly rough, flaky regions (like, say, the lips), you can use a damp muslin cloth, sans cleanser, to gently buff the skin smooth. Simply wet the cloth and gently massage in circular motions. 

As a cold compress: Muslin cloths can also be used as a cold, refreshing compress. To use as such, wet them, wring them out, individually freeze them in storage bags so that you always have them on-hand in the freezer. Perfect to use after a workout when your face is hot and flushed, or if you're facing an eczema or rosacea flare up. The cotton actually pulls the heat out of your skin and into the cloth, helping to soothe skin inflammation.